La Brea Bakery's original breads took on this traditional shape. With so many flavors to choose from, breakfast, lunch and dinner will take on a whole new chewy, crusty, aromatic and mouthwatering meaning.

Whole Grain Loaf

This multi-grain bread is slightly sweetened with honey and malt, and is the perfect bread for a healthy and tasty smoked turkey sandwich.

French Loaf

Classic. A smooth taste and thin, golden crust make this the perfect bread for a flavorful sandwich experience. Delicious with roasted red peppers and goat cheese.

Sourdough Loaf

Mildly tart. This bread has a subtle sour flavor, a hearty crumb and a beautiful, golden crust. A delicious choice for a classic grilled cheese or club sandwich.

Roasted Garlic Loaf

Rich, soft and aromatic. Whole garlic cloves roasted in extra virgin olive oil create a moist, most savory loaf.

Rosemary Olive Oil Loaf

Subtle and savory, aromatic sprigs of rosemary and extra virgin olive oil give this bread its soft texture and sublime flavor. Use it to create an unforgettable chicken salad sandwich.

Toasted Sunflower Honey Loaf

Slightly sweet, nutty and incredibly delicious. This once-limited-edition loaf has become a wholesome, hearty La Brea Bakery favorite.

Three Cheese Semolina Loaf

This rich, savory bread combines the robust flavor of three classic Italian cheeses: Asiago, Parmesan and Romano. A memorable recipe that melts in your mouth.

Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf

The spice of jalapeno peppers awakens the senses, and the subtle, rich flavor of cheddar cheese will please the palate.

Sesame Semolina Loaf

The golden sesame seeds that top this loaf give it a toasted flavor and nutty texture.

Wheat Loaf

Wholesome and slightly sweet. Made with a touch of golden honey and topped with cracked wheat, this loaf is both beautiful and flavorful. 8 grams of whole grains per serving.

Seeded Rye Loaf

Inspired by old world rye breads, this loaf is deliciously dense. Made with caraway seeds, it's the natural choice for a sandwich with layers of sophisticate flavor.

Tuscan Loaf

A new family tradition. This large, hearty loaf has a mild flavor and smooth texture. Perfect with rich pasta recipes and savory stews.

Organic Wheat Loaf

Organically grown white, whole wheat and rye flours give this bread a lighter texture than most wheat breads. Perfect for a tasty sandwich.

Organic Rustic French Loaf

Certified organic wheat flour gives this blonde loaf a crisp, golden crust and smooth, well-rounded flavor.