Ovals & Rounds


La Brea Bakery's oval and round breads have a crisp crust surrounding a moist, soft interior. The perfect palette for any sandwich. Lunch time will never be the same.

Italian Round

This bountiful bread has a rich yet subtle flavor. Perfect with you favorite pasta, or when lightly toasted and served with olive oil for a dinnertime treat.

Rosemary Olive Oil Round

Subtle and savory, aromatic sprigs of rosemary and extra virgin olive oil give this round its soft texture and sublime flavor.

Country White Sourdough Oval

Mildly tart. This bread has a subtle sour flavor, a hearty crumb and a beautiful, golden crust.

Pane Toscano

This rustic "Tuscan" bread is delicately dusted with semolina flour. The soft, slightly sweet crumb is simply irresistible.

Pecan Raisin Oval

Sweet, nutty and satisfying. California raisins and crunchy pecans make this delectable bread a La Brea Bakery favorite.

Olive Oval

Rich, hearty and satisfying. Whole, juicy Kalamata Olives, oil-cured olives and thyme are joined to create one of our most memorable loaves.

Pumpernickel Boule

Whole rye kernels and dark rye flour lend to its slightly nutty flavor. Perfect when sliced, toasted and topped with smoked salmon and sour cream.