La Brea Bakery’s 30th Anniversary

“A beautiful sourdough loaf, burnished brown on the outside, has a solid but not impenetrable crust subtly blistered with tiny fermentation bubbles that say, this is a loaf of integrity, a loaf made with care and with time.” — Nancy Silverton, “Breads From the La Brea Bakery”

La Brea Bakery is partnering with Nancy Silverton to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary. Silverton founded the bakery in Los Angeles in 1989, and is credited with bringing the artisan bread movement to the United States.

To commemorate this milestone, Nancy Silverton is working with La Brea Bakery to develop new, special edition breads. La Brea Bakery Founders line is set to launch later this year and will include items featuring ingredients like sprouted grains, alternative flours and, as always, Nancy’s original sourdough starter.


La Brea Bakery Founders Bread

"When opening La Brea Bakery my goal was simple. I wanted to make beautiful and delicious breads, which was something of a novelty in Los Angeles in 1989. That same guiding principle has been the driving force behind the creation of La Brea Bakery Founders breads, 30 years later. These new breads pay homage to our past, while looking ahead to our future.”

– Nancy Silverton

Anniversary Celebration

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