How To Make Your Own Bread Bowls – Soup Inspiration Included

Overhead of soup in a bread bowl

To make the best bread bowls this soup season, you need the best bread for the job. These recipes require bread that can deliver great flavor – but still provide the structure and support needed to envelop your favorite seasonal soups. La Brea Bakery Artisan Loaves provide a crusty, crispy exterior and a soft, tasty interior to create easy bread bowls. 

The crustier the loaf, the better the bread bowl. Breads like our Petite Country White Sourdough Round have hearty crusts that can support stews, soups, and chilis alike. Plus, our chewier, denser textures ensure the soup won’t fully absorb into the crumb – meaning you can enjoy both the delicious bread outside and the brothy soup inside! 


Here’s how to transform our loaves and rounds into your very own bread bowl:

So many of our artisan breads can transform into delicious bread bowls. Our sourdough loaves and rounds have the perfect, bowl-like shape for recipes like Cauliflower Clam Chowder and Baked Sweet Potato Soup

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