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The Olympics of Bread Is Coming Up. Here's How to Train for It. - “It’s worse than Chopped—because the thing about making good bread is it takes a really long time,” says Matt MacDonald. He’s a third-generation baker who’s spent 29 years in the industry, including as head baker at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery. 

Baking Business

Decision to go green affecting bakery sales - In today’s political climate, regulations and policies on environmental issues seem to come and go with every election cycle. But elections can’t stop the wave of consumer support for companies that adopt sustainable initiatives. 

Baking Business

Transparency remains paramount at La Brea - Jonathan Davis of La Brea Bakery is well-versed in the important matter of transparency, a crucial element for success in today’s bread business.

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Farm-to-Table Is a Great Deal for Farmers, If They Can Get It - For too many sandwiches, the bread is a bit actor, a mere vector for the cheese, meat, and vegetables nestled between the slices. 

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La Brea Bakery New Holiday Breads - Joining our Holiday Gift Guide for the third year in a row is La Brea Bakery with their Holiday Breads. Every year they come up with new flavors and once again, they have not disappointed!