About Us

Our Story

When the pastry chefs at Campanile Restaurant in Los Angeles could not find artisan bread good enough for the restaurant, they spent a year crafting the perfect recipe, creating bread with a caramelized, golden crust, soft inside and rustic appearance. The signature recipe resulted in such delicious artisan bread that they opened La Brea Bakery on La Brea Avenue. When people lined up outside the bakery every morning, and the bread sold out by 11 AM, they knew they had a hit.

Our Mission

To make true artisan bread that delivers deliciousness and serves as the vehicle to create meaning in every moment and elevate everyday experiences.

How we’ve stood by this mission

Since 1989, the bakers at La Brea Bakery have made true artisan bread using our original sourdough starter and recipe, high-quality ingredients, and dedication to the artisan process.
La Brea Bakery revolutionized the modern artisan bread movement, enabling the culinary community and consumers to share in the joy that hearth-baked, hand-crafted bread brings to everyday dining occasions. Now, La Brea Bakery artisan breads are sold at select supermarkets throughout the United States and overseas.

Explore Our History

In the years since the doors first opened in 1989, La Brea Bakery has reached numerous milestones on its path to where it is today.


Labrea History

Discover Our Process

At La Brea Bakery, the details matter when it comes to creating handcrafted, hearth-baked breads with uncompromising standards. Details that start with passionate bakers, simple ingredients, and a genuine artisan baking process that La Brea Bakery has proudly stood behind since its founding in 1989.



Learn Why Social Responsibility is Important to Us

La Brea Bakery’s vision is to create food with integrity, leveraging our global resources to improve environmental, economic, and social outcomes.


Social Responsbility