Why We’re the Right Baker for You

La Brea Bakery® offers the assurance of true artisan bread baking standards that has made us America’s #1 Artisan Bread retail brand. That’s important!

of consumers say if a restaurant advertised their baked goods came from La Brea Bakery it would, “make a positive difference in their decision on where to dine.”
Independent Survey

Here are some other important reasons that La Brea Bakery is the right baker for your operation:

Extended Shelf Life, Bake as Needed

All our breads arrive fully baked. Simply thaw then serve our sandwich carriers. For other breads, briefly bake for warmth and a richer color. A recent survey found that 35%* of operators consider shelf life the top factor in selected a bread. La Brea Bakery’s 9-month shelf life reduces labor and waste.
*Technomic, July 2023

Ease of Prep, Reduced Labor

Simply thawed or baked off to add warmth and color, with La Brea Bakery you reduce labor and training requirements and go from thawed-to-served in 15 minutes.

An Unmatched Story

Our story is from a single bakery in Los Angeles that sparked a renaissance in artisan bread. Our original starter that was crafted in 1989 is still used in every loaf. Only we offer you a story that is unmatched in the foodservice industry. It’s a story worth telling.

Consistently Artisan

La Brea Bakery offers consistent sizes and shapes. Every loaf adapts to your prep process with an artisan, one-of-a-kind experience for your customers.

Our Process

Artisan Crust, Texture, Color

The flavor of our bread is concentrated in the crust where starches caramelize into sugar during the baking process creating a unique structure and delightful texture. Using a traditional starter that dates back to 1989, our breads have soft interiors with a rich color and complex flavor.

Variety & Versatility

With more than 100 different items, there are plenty of choices to meet your menu challenges. Each of our breads can be used in a variety of menu applications to simplify your inventory and reduce waste. After you bake them off, our “three days three ways” recipe inspirations can show you how to make the most of our breads with no waste.

Always Available

La Brea Bakery operates an East Coast and a West Coast bakery with combined operational space of nearly 500,000 square feet. Our breads are readily available through broadline and specialty distributors.

Clean Label Goodness

Using sustainable farming practices, our grains are non-GMO Project Verified and our process avoids any preservatives. Our breads are Kosher, and with the exception of our cheese breads, are vegan.

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