In The Details

You know great artisan bread when you taste it. That unmistakably crisp, golden exterior paired with an airy and chewy interior. Dipped into warm olive oil, toasted and topped with fresh sliced avocado, or sandwiched around your favorite proteins and cheeses, better bread truly makes the meal.

At La Brea Bakery, the details matter when it comes to creating handcrafted, hearth-baked breads with uncompromising standards. Details that start with passionate bakers, simple ingredients, and a genuine artisan baking process that La Brea Bakery has proudly stood behind since its founding in 1989.


"It Takes Over 24 Hours to Make a Loaf of La Brea Bakery Bread"

Original Sourdough Starter

Every bread made at La Brea Bakery begins with the signature sourdough starter developed in 1989 by the bakers at Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles.

“Our signature ingredient in every single loaf or roll is our original starter made from wild yeast, water, and flour, dating back to our beginning. It’s one of the most crucial elements of artisan breadmaking—a living, breathing masterpiece that you have to nurture and care for. In addition to helping the bread rise, it also provides the depth of color, texture, and other artisan characteristics that are true of all La Brea Bakery breads.” --Jonathan Davis, La Brea Bakery's Culinary Innovation Lead

Sourdough Starter

No additives, preservatives, or dough conditioners

Every bread at La Brea Bakery starts simply. Along with our natural signature starter, our flour is locally milled to our specifications, and we’re committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients, whether it’s California raisins, extra virgin olive oil, or whole roasted garlic.

High Quality Ingredients

Spiral Mixing

Gentle mixing is important when creating artisan bread. We use spiral mixers at low speed, mimicking hand mixing and shaping to incorporate ingredients and fully develop the dough.

Spiral Mixing

Slow proofing, rise, and fermentation

When bread is allowed to rise slowly through fermentation, or proofing, the interior achieves an airy structure that’s never dense and is always delicious. It’s why we ferment every La Brea Bakery bread for at least 10 hours. During a two-stage process, the dough is allowed to rest and rise before being shaped and rising again. Together, the starter and slow-proofing process create the texture and complex flavors that make La Brea Bakery bread so special.


Hearth Baking

We use hearth-style ovens to complete the artisan baking process, and steam to establish the crispy, golden crust that is a hallmark of La Brea Bakery. When you see and taste this well-developed and incomparable crust, it means that freshness is locked in naturally.

Hearth Baking