About Us

Our Story

When the pastry chefs at Campanile Restaurant in Los Angeles could not find artisan bread good enough for the restaurant, they spent a year crafting the perfect recipe, creating bread with a caramelized, golden crust, soft inside and rustic appearance. The signature recipe resulted in such delicious artisan bread that they opened La Brea Bakery on La Brea Avenue. When there were people lined up outside the bakery every morning, and the bread sold out by 11 AM, they knew they had a hit.


Chef in the bakery
Baker placing loaves of bread on a shelf
Two LBB employees in discussion in the bakery

Our Approach

From starter... to finish, it takes over 24 hours to make a loaf of La Brea Bakery Bread.


Color is flavor. That’s where the
starches caramelize during the
baking process. 


Our natural leavening process gives
our bread its unique open structure
and moist, chewy texture.


Our state of the art bakeries enable
us to achieve the highest quality
standards, while using age old
artisan techniques.