People Profile – Trisha Hughes, Eat Your Beets

Trisha is the author of Eat Your Beets. A mom of four, travel lover & devoted ethical, minimalist-fashion fanatic. Her enthusiasm for blogging about real food & feeding her family well led her to discover her passion for food photography & creating all things beautiful from behind her camera.


Defining moment that launched your blog: After spending several years as a stay at home mom, I spent a lot of time wondering what I’d be when I grew up (or at least when all the kids went to school). After moving from Japan to Omaha, I realized I didn’t have any local friends so I figured I’d start a blog & make some online. 

Biggest learning from your blogging career: Be as nice as people hope you are. There are enough jerks online.

If you weren’t blogging you’d be… Working in a coffee shop, tattoo parlor, vintage clothing shop?? I honestly have no idea.

Go-to meal for special guests: I love making any kind of taco. It’s a great way to feed kids or a large group since everyone can customize their own dish.

Go-to for unplanned guests: I don’t have a set go-to. I usually try to figure out dietary needs or favorite foods & create something from there. Inevitably it usually ends up being some variation of a taco.

Favorite part about the holidays: The traditional foods I had growing up & creating new traditions with our kids.

Anything else you’d like to share: Our family is outdoorsy & loves camping, hiking & canoeing with our lab, Winnie :)


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