In the Spirit of Exploration

La Brea Bakery Reserve started out as a notion of bringing the farm back to the table. This idea grew and in turn cultivated the development of single origin heirloom Fortuna wheat. From there, La Brea Bakery Reserve was born. Keeping in the spirit of exploration, we wanted to take Fortuna wheat beyond bread and try our hand at incorporating it into myriad foods on our Los Angeles La Brea Bakery Café menu.

Our first experiment was to give our pizza dough a Fortuna update, and we can confidently say this was a resounding success.  With a thin, crispy crust, the deep flavor of the Fortuna wheat takes our pizzas to new heights.

We went for an old fashioned 180 and took it from savory to sweet when we applied our Fortuna wheat in a recipe for chocolate ganache cake. Moist and rich with flavor, this chocolate cake was so decadent that we had to put it on our dessert menu.

We’ve since begun using Fortuna wheat in our fried chicken sandwich batter, ricotta pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies… And this is just the beginning.

Are you in the Los Angeles area? Come in and check out our menu!  Better still, when you pop in for a visit, be sure to tag us in that pic we know you’re going to share on Instagram or Facebook. If we share your post, we’ll thank you with La Brea Bakery bread.

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