Sourdough Rises

Sourdough-based products are considered to be healthier than the ones made with normal dough. The long and slow fermentation that produces sourdough bread not only gives it a unique, sour flavor, visual appeal, but also have many health benefits. Consumers are more now so than ever focused on immunity and how food can play a role in their overall health. 

Why Sourdough?


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Sourdough has lowering effect on the bread GI

A good choice for anyone managing their blood glucose levels such as diabetics or athletes.
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Makes gluten more digestible & strengthens immunity

The advantage of authentic sourdough for anyone with gluten sensitivity is that the lengthy fermentation process pre-digests the gluten, breaking down some of the indigestible proteins and makes the bread easier to stomach.
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Sourdough is higher in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Grains contain a wide range of nutrients and bioactive compounds contributing to grains positive health effects.
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Will keep you going for longer

The longer your dough is fermented, the greater the proportion of soluble fiber in the bread. Sourdough is also high in resistant starch. The combination of soluble fiber and resistant starch generates a feeling of satiety which keeps you fuller for longer.

Perfect Pairings




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