Tailgating with La Brea Bakery


The air is cooling down, the leaves are changing, women everywhere are drinking pumpkin spice lattes proudly and people won’t stop talking about Hocus Pocus. That can only mean one thing… Fall is here which can REALLY only mean one thing …. football is back. 

The anticipation is so real you can almost taste it; or was that the second slider you just ate?  It’s Game Day. Whether in a stadium parking lot with a few thousand of your closest friends (and simultaneously a few thousand of your nemesis) or hosting your own homegate asking Chad for the 10th time to get his shoes off your white couch, the rituals are the same. And while we can’t always count on our team winning, we can always count on the beer flowing and the food being delicious. 

So whether you’ve got your pop-up, parking lot grill fired up or a 3-grill setup to make your friends jealous, we’ve got the tips and the recipes to help you feel tail-great. 

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1

Arrive early - if you’re tailgating at a game, college or NFL, make sure you get there sooner than you’d think. Parking, amiright? (you also get to crack the 1st beer or cocktail sooner.

Tip 2

Arrive late - if someone is hosting you, don’t arrive before the time they invited you. It’s rude. And awkward.

Tip 3

Bring food and supplies - no one remembers the salad. Everyone remembers the bread. We also recommend BYOCB. Bring your own cutting board. Pro tip - once you finish slicing your bread, use it as a card or wager table.

Tip 4

Fake it til you make it - if you don’t know anything about sports balls, make sure you always have food in your hands. That way if someone asks you about the play, you can take a big crunchy bite. It’s rude to talk with your mouth full.

Tip 5

Pack out what you pack in - whether a guest at the Rams house or your cousin’s house, clean up after yourself. Our advice? Use your empty La Brea Bakery loaf or baguette bag as a receptacle for bottle caps, empty white claws, and chicken wings scraps.