People Profile – Sasha Swerdloff, Tending the Table

Sasha grew up on a farm in Oregon where she learned to forage in the woods, ate carrots straight from the garden, and helped in the kitchen with the cooking and canning. She is inspired by the food of the world, the simple things in life, nature, and cooking from scratch. She loves sweet potatoes, hot cocoa, and good apples. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband, Anders and their two dogs, Scarlet and Roux. 

Defining moment that launched your blog: A food styling and photography workshop I spontaneously took with Ashley Rodriguez. I started my blog the next day…

Biggest learning from your blogging career: Learning to stand up for myself and my values when working with others.

If you weren’t blogging you’d be… practicing ashtanga yoga, exploring the outdoors or painting abstract watercolors.

Go-to meal for special guests: Homemade pasta.

Go-to for unplanned guests: Hearty soup and salad.

Favorite part about the holidays: Making treats and preserves to give away to friends and family and hanging out by the fire with the pups.

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