Brunch at Home: Breakfast Sliders

Let’s be honest, brunch is having a moment. We’re not above band-wagoning, when it’s for such a good cause. And while we’re divulging simple truths, we’ll admit it’s one of our favorite meals - ever. Languishing for hours with our favorite people (hopefully outside with a gorgeous view) is pretty close to unbeatable. While brunch at our favorite spot is high on our list, so is a simple spread with all the right accompaniments, in the comfort of home.  This week, we’re taking a page from the book of The Cookie Rookie. Don’t be fooled by her self-deprecation, there’s nothing novice about her kitchen ways. One of our favorite food bloggers and brand friends, The Cookie Rookie can elevate just about anything to deliciously indulgent proportions. Take her Breakfast Sliders made on our Telera Slider Rolls. We love anything make-ahead that gives us more time with our guests, so these casserole baked numbers are perfect for laid-back entertaining.

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