La Brea Bakery’s Reserve Featured in the New York Times

Many of the best innovations in history have come from breaking the status quo. Grown in Big Sky Country, Montana, the single origin heirloom wheat in our La Brea Bakery Reserve breads is slicing its own innovative path. The unique study in wheat produces an distinct richness you can taste. La Brea Bakery Reserve consists of three new breads: StruanPain De Campagne and Fortuna. As described in the New York Times, Struan is “made with some emmer and spelt and dusted with sesame seeds,” Pain de Campagne has a “crisp crust and great complexity from rye,” and Fortuna is “somewhat denser…with cracked wheat berries.” We’re calling this movement #WheatWithAPurpose. Share with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest when you find our Reserve breads in stores!

Image via Tony Cenicola/The New York Times.

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