Why Single Origin Breads? Why Now?

There weren’t any big epiphany moments. Just the passion and responsibility that comes with working for a bakery that has continued to push the envelope for 28 years. It was something that we owed to our fans – to evolve and redefine what a loaf of bread could mean.

Flour had always been a core ingredient for us. We always bought high quality but that quality was defined by a limited scope of scientific specifications like protein content and ash. There was and is nothing wrong with that model and it has introduced us to fans all across the world.

But food is changing. If wine, cheese, meats and everything in between had evolved, shouldn’t bread as well?

In a sense, we were taking a step back in time. A time where the baker knew the farmer and knew the miller. Those relationships were sacred and the results were delicious, interesting and specific to that farm and the gifted touch of a baker. Wheat was beautiful and provided regional nuances and flavors and the breads were reflective of that character.

We are embracing a return to that relationship and the way bread was made for hundreds of years. Knowing where our ingredients come from. Working with grains that provide levels of flavor we haven’t seen in bread for generations. Setting a stake in the ground as part of the good food movement.

Food has never been more diverse and interesting. But at the heart of it still lies the balance of what we take from the Earth and what we share with it.


Andrew B.

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