City Guide

Summer in the Big Easy

La Brea Bakery Associate Brand Manager, Allison Leibovich, recently visited New Orleans.  Any foodie with a sense of decency knows that NOLA is a home run for eating well

L.A. in 88 Cities: Culver City

Culver City – a hidden gem in Los Angeles, filled with rich history and new-found eats. While I am not a native Angeleno, this little neighborhood has won both my heart and stomach in just a few short years.

L.A. in 88 Cities: Playa del Rey

Nestled south of Marina del Rey and north of Manhattan Beach, Playa del Rey is off the radar for most people jetsetting by way of LAX. The beaches are relatively uncrowded, the people are friendly, and the cool ocean air breezes in. For me, Playa del Rey is an escape from the hectic LA lifestyle.

L.A. in 88 Cities: Lawndale

As promised, each week we’re bringing you a slice of our hometown from the perspective of one our team. Feast your eyes on Lawndale, from La Brea Bakery Brand Director, Andrew Blok.