Eating Bread the Healthy Way

It’s time to treat that baguette like a bottle of wine. Bread is having a moment and it’s all about the nuances and details that come from the best ingredients and the slow, fine art of true craftsmanship.

Registered dietitian and author, Ellie Krieger, recently went old school with bread. In her July 12 Washington Post article, “How to Eat Bread the Right Way” Ellie suggests “approaching bread with the same appreciation as we approach wine means using all of your senses when you eat it, not just gobbling it mindlessly. Next time you eat a piece of bread, take a moment to experience it fully. Observe the color and thickness of its exterior and the density of the crumb. Listen for the cracking of the crust when you break it. Take a whiff of it, note its aroma, and when you take a bite, let its subtle flavors unfold as you chew.”

Gone are the days of shunning the bread basket. Instead of forgoing bread, Krieger suggests you reach for the option with whole grains, both for its nuanced taste as its nutritional attributes. Of the heirloom wheat variety in our La Brea Bakery Reserve, Brand Manager Andrew Blok says, “Fortuna is farmed for depth of flavor, producing the best-tasting bread. You can actually taste the grain, taste the nuttiness and heartiness of it. It tastes old-world.”

Follow the link for more nutritional tips from Krieger and the full article.

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