Offers Tasty Tips for Stale Bread      

Bread crumbs in a food processor

You buy a loaf of fresh baked bread from your favorite bakery, but after a day or two that freshness starts to decline, so do you throw out the bread? The answer is no. There’s no need to waste food when there are so many other smart ways to make the most of the loaf!

Our friends at recently spoke with our SVP of R&D, Jonathan Davis, gathering  tips for home cooks looking to utilize what’s left of their once-fresh breads. For Day one, Jonathan advises that home cooks use good-quality olive oil or use some fresh herbs and softened butter to make a compound butter to smear on the bread. Day one is also great for sandwiches and toasts. For Day two, Jonathan recommends cubing the bread and using it in a bread pudding or panzanella salad. While Day 3 bread is ideal for croutons or breadcrumbs that can be mixed into meatballs or crab cakes.

What are some of your favorite ways to utilize stale bread? Look out for more by following #LaBreaBakery on Pinterest and Instagram for some recipe inspiration. Plus, be sure to tag us in your pictures!


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