A Day in the Loaf: Making Our Sourdough

Loaf of sourdough bread

If you’ve ever tried our La Brea Bakery Sourdough, you know how truly magnificent it is. Under its golden brown crust awaits a mildly tart and subtle sour flavor ready for you to enjoy. But before you can break bread, we need to create it. So, how does that happen? By going back 30 years and remaining true to tradition. This time, on a much grander scale.

Once frozen, they are put into cases and shipped out of the bakery to their final destination — and hopefully end up being the centerpiece on your home’s table.


Suddenly hungry?

Find recipes using our La Brea Bakery Country White Sourdough Loaf or our original Sourdough Loaf at LaBreaBakery.com/recipes.

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