La Brea Bakery’s Guide to Cooking for the Holidays

Food is the glue that binds: friends, family, tradition, holidays... This time of year is especially full of reasons to gather and break bread.  So it’s safe to say we all have a holiday dish or two that we look forward to each year.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your next gathering, whether as a guest or as the host(ess) with the most(ess), feast your eyes on a handful of our favorites:

  1. Pulled Chicken Salad with Baby Spinach, Apple, Goat Cheese and Warm Bacon Vinaigrette: Appetizers are a must; and when it includes bacon? Even better.
  2. Oven Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Bruschetta: We are all about utilizing seasonal ingredients when we can. Couple that with easy hand-held apps and we’re in our host(ess) happy place.
  3. Holiday Stuffing Crusted Fried Chicken: All the flavors of the holidays any main course would dream of.
  4. Cranberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding: Desserts are a critical part of a holiday feast, and we wouldn’t be La Brea Bakery if our favorite holiday dessert didn’t include fresh artisan bread.

What are your favorite holiday recipes? Share your creations with us on InstagramFacebookTwitter or Pinterest and we may just share a loaf with you.

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