Reserve Meets the Press

The La Brea Bakery Café feels like mom’s kitchen. It’s where we go to welcome new team members, celebrate birthdays, host parties, etc. Some of our newest breads, straight out of our Innovation Kitchen, can be found in our café displays before they can be found anywhere else. Naturally, when it was time to share our single origin Fortuna wheat Reserve breads with the press, this is where we decided to do it.

Imagine the buzz, as three brilliant bakers from our Innovation Kitchen are gingerly unpacking their “babies”, each loaf hand-touched, dusted with beautiful patterns, and giving off that subtly sweet scent so unique to the Reserve breads: Pain de CampaigneStruan and Fortuna Wheat Loaf.

We talk a lot about our roots; commitment to fresh ingredients, our original starter, innovation and the bar that raised bread from “wonder” to artisan.  Tonight, we raised a glass to them as well. Because commitment to true innovation is something to celebrate.

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