Tips from the Innovation Kitchen: Cooking Pizza at Home

Homemade Pizza

Most of us don’t have a deck oven, let alone know their magical nuances.  They function quite differently from a home oven as direct heat gets to your food from underneath, vs the top or the side. Ideal for breads. And pizza; lots and lots of pizza. We know this because our Innovation team may or may not have a serious pizza-making habit.  So, on a recent visit to see some of the newest breads from our kitchen, we talked (and ate) pizza with our resident experts to get some tips on making it a little better when making it at home.

  • Get creative with the toppings – on our last visit, the team used large, whole slices of salami and it was divine
  • Build on the peel (the wood board), then slide to the pizza stone
  • Use a pizza stone – the innovation team is adamant about this detail
  • No time to make your own dough? Try our Naan breads instead!
  • Hot as possible – cook that beauty hot and quick!
  • Cut it right out of the oven – perhaps it goes against instinct but cutting it hot is best

Are you tossing the dough in your home kitchen? Slice us up your tips and toppings and tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram with #LaBreaBakery. If we use your La Brea Bakery Naan pizza recipe, we’ll thank you with free bread!

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