Oh Mother!

Spinach artichoke dip cheese bread

Mother’s Day can be a meaningful expression to the person in our life we’ve turned to for comfort or guidance or gentle perspective. Perhaps it’s the day you celebrate your shared history, your favorite place to visit together, or maybe your favorite meal.

This year, we wanted to get creative with our approach. So we’ve gathered a few international Mother’s Day traditions from different cultures.  Of course, you’ll need to thank her with food, too, so we’ve created a brunch menu that’s quick and simple to make…

We found these fun traditions via HuffPost:

  1. Ethiopia – Mothers are celebrated with a three day festival of food and dance.
  2. Nepal – Those with mothers who’ve passed away go to a holy bathing pool with offerings to honor her.
  3. Japan – Flower shops burst with red carnations, the flower of choice to honor mom.

The Menu:

Pan con Tomate and Summer Salad – keep the international theme going with this delicious variation on Spanish grilled bread with tomato. The fresh, summer salad keeps it simple and bright.

Spinach Artichoke Dip Cheese Bread - Our Reserve Demi-Baguettes slathered in cheesy artichoke goodness for the perfect appetizer (or meal).  This recipe from The Modern Proper is pure magic and one of our favorite ways to enjoy artichokes.

Telera Roll Ice Cream Sandwiches – Bet you didn’t expect that one on our menu! These incredibly creative, adorably delicious little sweet sandwiches created by Melodramablog are the perfect topping to your day.

We tend to prize meals and experiences over things here at La Brea Bakery. Which is why our recipe gallery is full of delicious dishes for any occasion.  If you find one good enough for your woman of honor, be sure to share it with us with #LaBreaBakery on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.  Whatever you do, make sure guest of honor doesn’t lift a finger!

(photo via The Modern Proper)