Around the World on Loaves of Bread

Sandwich on a plate

When it comes to sandwiches, there’s a world of flavor out there. Quite literally. From the Mexican torta to the Italian panini, American cheeseburger to Vietnamese Bánh mì, cultures all over this great planet love to show off what they can create on simple slices of bread. 

While it would be fun to travel the world to taste them all, chances are, that’s probably not realistic for most of us. Thankfully, La Brea Bakery has you covered. Forget packing your bags or finding your passport, we’re bringing you on an international tour of sandwiches right here. Come along the La Brea Bakery Express. This is going to be fun — and definitely delicious. 

Your Culinary Itinerary: 

Where will your great taste take you? 
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