Toast to Creativity

Honey Toast with Fresh Ricotta and Pistachios

To some, a single slice of toast is just a place to put butter, jelly, peanut butter, or cinnamon and sugar. But not you. You see it as a canvas for creativity. And if you don’t, you will soon. Because there’s more to toast than using it to build the expected. It’s where you can let your imagination run wild in many delicious and delightful ways. 
Whether you want to start your day with a great breakfast, enjoy a snack, or toast the end of your day, this is where it all starts. So go grab your favorite La Brea Bakery loaf, baguette or round and get creative. Because if you thought avocado toast was all there was, you’re in for a real treat. 
Here are our favorite ways to toast to creativity: 

Time to get toasting! 
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