Jacques Pépin Shows Us All the Things on Bon Appétit

Jacques Pepin Shows Us All the Things on Bon Appétit

If you occupy the world of food the way we do here at La Brea Bakery, you’re bound to have a foodie crush or two. Many of us spend plenty of our free time watching our favorite chefs on their myriad shows, either for the love of the food they make or simply for their charm and know-how. Honestly, we have food shows streaming in the office kitchen all day, every day. So, when we came across this gem on Bon Appétit, people got excited.

Everyone loves Jacques Pépin (right?!). He’s a legend, but he’s also charming, witty and fantastically fun to watch at work. When Jacques wields his knife skills, people listen. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Need a refresher on the right way to prep an artichoke? Fuggedaboutit!

Fashion a grapefruit flower? Boom!

Will you accept this [tomato] rose?

Be sure to click for the whole enchilada (ahem), all seven demonstrations.



By Kipling Wagner | Image via BonAppétit.com

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