Labor Day Menu

La Brea Bakery Labor Day Menu

Gruyère and red bell pepper cast-iron frittata on the grill, smokey chipotle guacamole, with refreshing cocktails and caramelized Telera Roll ice cream sandwiches.  What are you cooking up for Labor Day weekend?  Have a few guests coming over but scrambling to pull everything together?  We’ve got you covered with the ultimate Labor Day Menu, complete for a day of relaxation and eating well. 



Get the grill started early in the day for this Cast Iron Grilled Frittata.  Loaded with spinach, Gruyère, and roasted red peppers, this garden fresh veggie frittata makes for an easy clean-up brunch.  Use herbs from the garden for added freshness.  Pair with a Bloody Mary to start the day off right.



With the libations flowing and a Tequila Sage Smash in hand, you’ll dream of sunshine filled, sandy beaches on far off island destinations.  But the tropics come to you in The Islander, blending together smoky bacon and grilled pineapple on the Toasted Sunflower Honey Loaf.  You have got to try the smokey chipotle and pepita flavor of this guacamole.



As the fireflies start to glow and the heat of the day lifts, sit back on the deck with a refreshing Dill Paloma.  The acidity, faint sweetness, and slight effervescence of the grapefruit will refresh your palate.  Pair it with caramelized onions, fresh figs, and buffalo mozzarella on Char-Grilled Pizza with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.  Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Bourbon Vanilla, or even Vietnamese Iced Coffee ice cream will do on these Caramelized Telera Roll Ice Cream Sandwiches.



Allison L.

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