It’s Grilling Szzzzn. Break Out the Baguettes.

Overhead of grilled baguette platter

This summer, think beyond the hamburger bun. Throw some artisan bread on that barbie. With La Brea Bakery baguettes, you can take simple backyard get-togethers to tasty new heights. The easiest way? Just brush some butter or olive oil on sliced baguettes and put them face down on the grill. When they’re looking like grilled perfection, take them off and rub them with some herbed butter or fresh garlic for extra flavor. Want to get fancier and impress your guests? Use La Brea Bakery baguettes as your canvas for super savory culinary creations that have that perfect crunch. Like these:

La Brea Bakery is here to make your summer memorable. By creating one or all of the above, you’ll definitely make the most of your grill. Want more ideas? Visit Easy Grill Recipes and BBQ Recipes and choose the Baguettes and Batards option from the Bread Type menu. Happy grilling!

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